• Image of 20th Century Fox Fur

The 20th Century Fox Fur is inspired by its picture's pretty platinum pinups and silver screen sirens. This glamorous lilac blue stole is made of high quality, realistic, faux friendly fur, complete with a stunning star brooch with aurora borealis crystals. As a cross between a collar and a shawl, it's perfect powder lavender blue bombshell hue is sure to grab the spotlight.

Color/Fabric: Powder lavender blue faux fur, with velvet polyester lining. Gold plated star brooch with aurora borealis rhinestones. Removable brooch.
Measurements: 48" x 4.5"

20th Century Fox is iconic and distinctive in Old Hollywood culture, with its unforgettable intro of a golden "Fox" behind a blue violet backdrop, with sweeping searchlights. Started in 1935 with Darryl Zanuck on board, it had a bevy of box-office hits and bombshells on contract. Marilyn Monroe was a major player, having done the highly successful 1953 film, "How to Marry a Millionaire." Betty Grable and Jayne Mansfield were also signed to Fox. Marilyn once said to fellow golden girl Mamie Van Doren, “If you don’t get a contract at 20th, you’ll get it some place else.”

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