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Mae's Mink, is our luxurious faux fur shawl, inspired by the bold and bawdy bombshell, Mae West. Often seen wrapped in fur stoles and shawls accompanied by crystals and crowns, West's wardrobe was the epitome of Old Hollywood Glam. Mae's Mink is made of high quality, realistic, faux friendly fur, complete with a stunning silver showpiece brooch, fully encrusted in rhinestones, and finished with satin lining. Whether you're a 20's or 60's bombshell, and anything in between, Mae's Minks are perfect for any gone gal!

Color/Fabric: : Lavender faux fur with subtle dark tips, with cream satin lining. Removable brooch.
Measurements: 66" x 10"

In 1917, Paul Poiret and other couture designers introduced fur stoles into their collections. These elegant fur wraps, which were worn over the shoulders, remained stylish throughout the 20th century, especially with Old Hollywood film starlets such as Mae West and Jean Harlow. In 1938, Lanvin designed a thinner fur cape shawl, which could be wrapped around the shoulders. For many women postwar, a fur coat, preferably mink, represented the height of luxury, and the ultimate object of desire. In popular culture the ambition to own a fur coat became a defining quality of femininity. Our favorite glamour girls Mae, Marilyn, Mamie & Mansfield were always adorned in a luxurious mink, in any color and length you could imagine. A ready-to-wear animal friendly fur, in all the necessary colors, is now attainable for any occasion and wardrobe, all year round!

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