“Pink-Collar” is a phrase derived after WWII in the 1940’s, referring to feminized industries dominated by women. From beauticians and couture dress makers to flight attendants and diner waitresses, the Pink Collar boom made women more than just homemakers. It is with this notion that “The Pink Collar Life” came to be. As a modern-day Dolly Sisters duo, Ashlyn Coco & Tara MiSioux, both thrive off of nostalgic glamour and the platinum pair have created a lifestyle brand, true to that of the Golden Age.

"California is the birthplace of Old Hollywood glamour, and we revel in all it's glitz and glory. As a duo, we have combined our passion for art, history, and costume, with our backgrounds in fashion design, cosmetology, photography, merchandising, and marketing, to create a line of affordable, ready-to-wear fashions for the vintage loving, or modern Pink Collar gal."

It began with a line of novelty headwear and handbags, created with ease and ready-to-wear in mind. We realized it was difficult when packing for trips, to carry along all the hat boxes to protect the structure of our hats. Our headwear was made to be flexible, and easily packed, without taking up much space. They can be used for a glamorous statement, or to hide your hair if you're a girl on the go and couldn't get to those roots in time. We also wanted to make it possible for interchangeability, to where brooches could be removed if needed, leaving for endless possibilities to your vintage styling.

We couldn't stop there. After years of being asked "where did you get this?" and our replies being "vintage," we knew there was a unique niche that needed to be filled. Our goal is to make the Old Hollywood Glamour & Runway aesthetic attainable, affordable and ready-to-wear, as we continue to curate items of Golden Age significance, keeping true to its trends.   


Tara MiSioux & Ashlyn Coco

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