Lana is bursting with golden age glamour, much like the goddess, Lana Turner, and a fragrance by Schiaparelli. Le Roy Soleil was a parfum with a bottle made of Baccarat, decorated with an ornate sun symbolizing the end of World Word II. Tones of Lana's champagne blonde hair is seen throughout an Art Deco golden sun, finished with a classic pearl dome center, atop a sparkling golden lurex turban.

Color/Fabric: Gold lurex turban
Measurements: One size fits all. For more sizing info, see terms.

Thanks to Schiaparelli & Samarra, the Sun turban was born. Samarra was Lana Turner's character in The Prodigal (1955) as she was mythical and magnificent, draped in gold and pearls. Blonde all over, it's Samarra's Sun that makes this piece all the more splendid and infused with silver screen history and inspiration. Schiaparelli's zodiac collection of winter 1938-39, also made reference to the Sun King Louis XIV and Apollo, the god of mythology who emerged from the sea and drove his four-horse chariot daily across the sky to represent the rising sun. Her fragrance Le Roy Soleil, released in 1946 to celebrate the end of World War II, came in a Baccarat crystal bottle designed by Salvador Dalí, of course —depicting the ocean’s waves and a Surrealist gold sun, dotted with swallows.

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