Spiderweb Heart Collar Pins

Spiderweb Heart Collar Pins


These sweet & spooky collar pins come in a pair, and are to sure to add some luxury to your lapels. A gilded web in the shape of a heart, features amber arachnids kissed with a jewel, dazzling with deco decadence.

Color/Fabric:Gold plated with clear rhinestone, amber stone body.
Measurements: Approximately 1.5"

The 1930s & 1940s especially, saw a trend in spiderwebs in fashion, with cob web embroidered lace, intricately beaded gowns, and novelty print rayons. This trend even carried into the fifties, and was proven still popular, as The Spider Pool in the Hollywood Hills was quite the attraction for fetish photography clubs, as pinup models enjoyed posing against the Art Deco 1920's built mosaic, featuring a large spider and web. Mae West can become iconic for the strend, as she channeled a sultry spider in a publicity still for the 1934 film, ‘Belle of the Nineties,’ and wore an extravagant spiderweb gown in the 1933 film"I'm No Angel."

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