Silver Screen Serpentine Belt / Necklace

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Silver Screen Serpentine Belt / Necklace


This slithering, scintillating, serpent is in the form of a bold, gold, belt OR necklace - making for the perfect Art Deco Old Hollywood Glam accessory. The sparkling snake is of gilded coil, encrusted with rhinestones, and ready to make a vampy, venomous statement as either a belt or a necklace! Inspired by old films and fashion including Cleopatra, this piece dazzles with Deco decadence.

Color: Gold plated coil with clear rhinestones.
Measurements: 33" long. Adjustable, fits most. Magnet.

Cleopatra starred Theda Bara in 1917, and was again made with Elizabeth Taylor in 1963. The 1963 20th Century Fox film was the most expensive film ever made at that point, which is easy to deduce based on its elaborate costume alone. A colossal total of 26,000 costumes were created for the film! Gilded snake bangles and headpieces can be seen throughout, as Cleopatra's signature. A scene in the 1959 film Indian Tomb, shows Debra Paget practicing a sensual snake charming dance to a pretty poisonous serpent. Marilyn Monroe recreated Theda Bara's Cleopatra with Richard Avedon in 1958. Its clear that the snake has been a widespread mythological symbol since the Egyptian times, although it was ever popular in the Art Nouveau period, with the help of the renowned French jewelers Jules René Lalique and Georges Fouquet. This elaborate period which continued into Art Deco and also surrealism art of Dali, emphasized heavily on the essence of nature, in which the snake played a prominent role.

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