Red Rose Choker

Red Rose Choker


This velvet choker was made for a vintage vixen, ravishing in rouge, with a red rose, reminiscent of the Baroque's revival of the 1950s. With a romantic, retro, nod to Italian style mixed with a coquettish feel, this delicate yet daring neck adornment is of the likings of a Loren & Lollobrigida.

Color: Black velvet with felt red rose.
Measurements: length 12.5" - 14.5"

During the 1700s, it was a style favored by royals in various countries such as France, and by the 1800s, the choker had taken on a few different connotations. A black ribbon around the neck was often used to identify courtesans. Chokers saw a revival during WWII, when the trend became a feminine symbol of power. In 1944, Life Magazine even ran a famous spread of actresses modeling the accessory, nicknaming them “colliers de chien” or “dog collars.” The revival in popularity began to spread globally, with women embellishing chokers with lace, cameos, pearls, roses, and even diamonds. Popular in Italian art and history, Baroque themes and elements of rich red florals, were often seen in the dress and photographs of Italian actresses such as Sophia Loren, and Gina Lollobrigida.

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