Pink Parfait Rose Brooch - XL!

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Pink Parfait Rose Brooch - XL!


The Pink Parfait rose, is a perfect one. Large in size, their passionate petals are a beautiful blend of precious pinks, making the prettiest of pantones. A sparkling statement brooch is a must have for any glamour girl, and this one is hand picked just for you! Massive and magnificent, you are sure to be pinned in perfection, by this showpiece stunner.

Measurements: 5" x 2.5"
The French referred to some of the first corsages and blossoms worn on the dress, as a “bouquet de corsage," which is where the term for small bouquets of flowers came from. Corsages moved up from the bodice of a woman’s dress toward the shoulder, where the trend in the 1940s was very much apparent. They were usually pinned with the bow at the top, and were much larger than most corsages we see today. Large statement brooches were ever popular in vintage fashions, especially in floral and rose motifs. Combine the two, and you have a large & lovely sparkling, statement corsage - ready to wear.

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