Petit Pearl Bangle

Petit Pearl Bangle


This delicate, yet decadent design is both simple, and also a statement piece exuding the sophistication, and class of the 1950s. The petit, sleek, gilded bangle features two asymmetrical ivory pearls, kissed with small crystals, as they hug your wrist.

Color:Gold plated with ivory faux pearl and clear rhinestones.
Measurements: 3" wide. Can widen.

Pearls have been around since the dawn of time, from Cleopatra to the Roman Empire. Always known as a symbol of wealth and nobility, pearls today are considered the foundation for every woman's jewelry wardrobe. A pioneer of pearls, it was Mikimoto who introduced the industry of cultured pearls in the 1920s. When World War II hit, it devastated the cultured pearl market in Japan. Allied forces occupying Japan had concern about illegal cultured pearl trafficking, and discouraged the sale of cultured pearls within Japan. To be rid of them, the Japanese then sold the pearls in military stores, frequented by servicemen. The men returned home with thousands of pearls for their wives. Pearls were indeed a necessity for any woman. During their honeymoon in 1954 in Japan, Joe DiMaggio gave Marilyn Monroe a 16-inch strand of 44 akoya pearls, which fastened with Mikimoto’s signature gold clasp. Every, and any, Hollywood star was seen in pretty, pearls!

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