Lorelei's Lamé


Lorelei's Lamé


Lorelei Lee's luxurious lamé gown in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" by Travilla, is the inspiration for this lust worthy lamé clutch. Often seen draped in rhinestones, and slinky, shimmering golden gowns, Marilyn Monroe's Golden Age glamour is now channeled into the perfect handbag. Made of fabric similar to the infamous dress, this clutch is adorned with an ornate rhinestone fan shaped clasp.

Color/Fabric: Gold lamé fabric. White faux fur attachment with silver hardware and clear rhinestones.
Measurements: 8" x 5"

William Travilla was not only a friend of Marilyn, but was one of the leading designers of several contract designers for Twentieth Century Fox. He designed a vast majority of Marilyn's most memorable costumes, including the scandalous lamé gown seen briefly on camera. The scene is which Marilyn wears this infamous Travilla design, was nearly cut by the censors, in the 1953 film, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," as she danced with Lord Beekmam. Deemed inappropriate by critics, the dress was created out of a single complete circle of gold lame, with every pleat lining up with the back seam, following a deep plunging V in the center of the dress. The rhinestone clasp on our Lorelei's lamé is reminiscent of the adornment at the bottom of the V, surrounded by the fanning effect, given off by the pleating.

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