Gypsy is an onyx and crystal Art Deco style flower star, with a dark and daring twist. Named after burlesque legend Gypsy Rose Lee, this design is sultry and sleek, laying atop our signature black lurex turban.

Color/Fabric: Black lurex turban

Measurements:One size fits all. For more sizing info, see terms.

Gypsy Rose Lee was one of the most influential burlesque dancers of the 20th century, and one of America's most legendary entertainers. She was the most popular theatrical entertainer of her time, and was well known for her charm and wit. Gypsy was a nickname she derived from her hobby of reading tea leaves, in which she then combined with her real first name, Rose, and then Lee. Gypsy Rose Lee maintained a hugely successful career in burlesque, incorporating her humor and intelligence, as well as the removal of various articles of clothing, into her performances. She became extremely popular, even appearing at high society balls. Noir sequins and star elements were common in her elaborate stage costumes, complete with black tulle and feathers to compliment her dark locks and painted lips.

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