Cinema Celluloid Barrette - Amber

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Cinema Celluloid Barrette - Amber


From Clara Bow to Claudette Colbert, these pre-code princesses all enjoyed the early plastic, Celluloid. Cinema stars and women of work used Celluloid hair barrettes to bring some luxury to their locks. Inspired by Art Deco hair adornments, our faux Celluloid barrettes come in period correct hues and finishes, carefully carved with crystals.

Color:Amber brown acrylic with rhinestones.
Measurements:3 1/8"

Celluloid was often referred to as “French Ivory” in its heyday, but was a type of plastic material invented in the mid 1800's and used to make a variety of objects until around 1940. Vintage barrettes were often made from Celluloid, in tones of amber, with sparkling tiny rhinestones across an Art Deco shape. Embellished barrettes were the best way to decorate a stylish short flapper bob, or long flowing waves. Besides being inexpensive and useful, celluloid hair adornments were manufactured in hundreds of colors, and could be decorated in a variety of fanciful ways. The most popular of these decorations were rhinestones—conjuring up the image of diamonds and colored jewels. In the 1920's & 1930's, midnight blues and ambers were popular in color, and the 1940's welcomed pink, which became prevalent in all forms of design. "Evening in Paris," was a popular fragrance, with stunning packaging of velvet midnight blue, and a contrasting pale pink. The fragrance itself being of a rich amber, serves as inspiration behind the Cinema Celluloid Collection of barrettes. Real celluloid hair adornments today are very expensive and highly collectible, but this ready-to-wear faux celluloid design is just the answer.

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