Whether you're a lover of glamour, or gouls, Vampira is sure to trap you in her web. Be the mistress of darkness, or demure in deco with this classic piece that evokes the spiderweb trend seen in the 1930's and 1940's. This web is woven of glamorous gold and crystals, laying atop a decadent ivory, velvet, turban.

Color/Fabric: Ivory velvet turban
Measurements: One size fits all. For more sizing info, see terms.

Vampira graced the television weekly with her glamorous, gothic, appearance in 1954. Her ghastly small waist, arched brows, long black hair, and seductive screams made her an icon of B-movie horror and even of fashion today. Before Vampira, the 1940's especially saw a trend in spiderwebs in fashion, with cob web embroidered lace, intricately beaded gowns, and novelty print rayons. The Spider Pool in the Hollywood Hills was also quite the attraction for fetish photography clubs, as pinup models enjoyed posing against the Art Deco 1920's built mosaic, featuring a large spider and web.

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