This brilliant butterfly is a bold symbol of surrealism, as well as beauty and grace. Fluttering with fantasy, this forties style design is dreamy in deco and wondrously whimsical.

Color/Fabric: Ivory velvet turban
Measurements: One size fits all. For more sizing info, see terms.

The butterfly was the Surrealist symbol for change, particularly focusing on the change from ugly to beautiful, as the unattractive caterpillar morphed into the brilliant, colorful, butterfly. Schiaparelli's notable designs included the famous butterfly evening dress, from the summer 1937 collection. It featured a wide array of types and coloration of butterflies, and was inspired by fellow Surrealist artist and friend, Salvador Dalí. Butterflies were novelties seen in 1940s fashions, usually as motifs or embroidery.

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