Beverly Palms Headwrap

Beverly Palms Headwrap


Be a bombshell in banana leaves! A staple print, these pretty palms are reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood, and a certain pink palace of Beverly Hills. A popular print of the 1940s, this trend has seen a resurgence through runways & retro styles. Wear this head wrap, and you're guaranteed to feel like a glamazon of the 1940s, sipping a martini in Martinique!

Color: Cotton fabric.
Measurements: 43.5"
x 4.5"

Don Loper was the man behind the original Martinique wallpaper seen in The Beverly Hills Hotel, which he created in 1942. There are many variations of the banana leaf print, however the hotel has the iconic & original wallpaper throughout its halls. The print has become renowned in regency design, and remains extremely popular in fashion prints. Ladies of the 1940s adorned their heads with turbans, and large head wraps with ties, prints, and jewels - especially poolside in Beverly Hills.

Stay in the Loupe!

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