Betty's Bow Brooch - XL

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Betty's Bow Brooch - XL


Fun and flirty in theme, this romantic, ribbon bow is reminiscent of blonde bombshell, Betty Grable and her fabulous, forties, fashions! A popular novelty motif of WWII era, this big bow sparkles with swirls & curls, in an authentic 1940s design, perfect for any pretty pinup!

Color: Gold plated clear rhinestones.

Brooches were used in the Byzantine period for practicality, and over time have become more ornamental, with symbolism and sentiments, as well as being badge of beauty. The 1920s saw the birth of costume jewelry, and brooches were used as a corsage ornament, and were a staple in every women's wardrobe. Brooches and corsages of the 1940s were particularly large, and used as statement pieces.

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