Art Deco Lucite Shell Earrings

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Art Deco Lucite Shell Earrings


These statement lucite clam shells, are reminiscent of the design themes of Art Deco and Hollywood Regency. These earrings are perfect for those who love the classic opulence, and feminine glamour of The Golden Age, as well as the lucite trend of mid-century.

Color: Acrylic shell earrings.
Measurements: 1" x 1.75" length

Art Deco was a popular design movement from the 1920’s to 1930’s, a movement between the two World Wars. This movement affected all forms of art from architecture, interior design, sculpture, furniture, industrial design and visual arts such as fashion, clothing, jewelry, paintings, graphic arts and film. Art deco was influenced by the earlier art nouveau's use of motifs depicting nature, as sunrises, flowers and shells especially were common in deco design. Lana Turner in The Prodigal was unforgettable in her pink clamshell bed, dripping in pearls, which shines through in these delicate earrings.

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